How many Ruby hackers does it take to change a lightbulb?


  • One to post an issue to the redmine about the lights being out.
  • One to write a patch for the issue.
  • One to oppose the patch because the new lightbulb does not have a good name.
  • Three to propose better names.
  • Five to discuss the names but they does not reach any agreement.
  • One to point out that the lights is still out, three months later.
  • One to propose another name on ruby-dev.
  • Ten to discuss the names on ruby-dev.
  • One to translate the discussion into English.
  • One to point out that some names are not natural as English.
  • Twelve to discuss again on ruby-core.
  • Three to comment about the discussion at #ruby@WIDE:*.jp
  • One to make a commit.
  • One to complain that the committed patch broke Ruby on win32.
  • One to fix the problem on win32.
  • One to report that the redmine overlooked a mail and that because of it the issue was not automatically closed.
  • One to close the issue.
  • One to tweet that she wants to fix the redmine someday.
  • Four to backport the patches into active branches.
  • None to write rdoc.

with great respect for " How many FreeBSD hackers does it take to change a lightbulb ".